Hello God, it is me again!

Conservative Women Fight for What is Right
Conservative Women Fight for What is Right

I am a Christian, Conservative, Patriot, American Woman, and I will fight to keep our beloved America Safe and Free!!!

I was one of those apathetic and disgusted ones, that didn’t vote, because I did not like either choice! I vote straight Republican now! Both parties are filled with corruption, but I pray to God, to not get the Communist=Marxist for another term! GOD FORBID!! We need your help, Lord the Evil Ones are trying to destroy our beloved America!

People immigrate by the millions to America, to escape the tyranny of their own COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST countries! Yet, they plot to overthrow our way of life, and re-make America into what they just escaped from! I don’t understand how people could be so STUPID!!

I am NOT against Legal Immigration, just ILLEGAL immigration, and them trying to destroy our way of life. America is one of the only countries left, that thrives on Capitalism, and Free Enterprise System! The Illegals are coming to America to sponge off our system. They cannot make Communism work in their countries, so what makes them think that it would work in America??? Communism/Socialism does NOT work, it has been proven time and time again!!

Remove America from the corrupt and useless U.N.!! Stop ALL foreign aide!! The Bible tells us to take care of our families and our country FIRST!! There is NO money left!! America is being bled DRY!! They take, and take, and IF we allow them to, they will SUCK us dry!!!

Remove American troops from ALL foreign countries, and bring them home to guard our own borders!!! Allow them to kill each other off, if that is what they want!!

Stop ALL bailouts, if those businesses cannot manage well, we the Legal, American, Taxpaying citizens should NOT have to foot the bill!!

The only Solution that I see is to Pray, Vote all the Socialist=Democraps out of office, and keep on our politicians to be accountable to us the taxpayers, who by the way pay their salaries!!