This guy has talent–so happy to see his dream come true!

I love to see it when an everyday hard-working American citizen fulfills one of his dreams! Way to go, Gary! Congratulations!


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  1. I am one of Garys very best fans..I live in Palm Springs, CA which is where Frank Sinatra lived from 1947 until his death. Mr Sinatra and his parents and songwriters are burried here and his wife Barbara still lives do some of his children..I LOVE Garys music its like listening to a Sinatra concert and want to know when the big CD will be released and also will Gary be going on tour? NOBODY today is as good as Gary at Sinatras music and Gary does some notes as good as or better than..Mr. S..In this bad economy we need joy and great music and Gary does it…We need his CD and his tour..God bless..bpalmer


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