My Haven in the Storm

author: Sally Frederick Tudor
This my haven in the storm. Our home, that GOD allows me to enjoy with my dear Mother and loving husband. This is where my heart is. The home that my Mother and Dad worked to build together for thirty three years. This home has been my safe haven for thirty three years.
We lost my Dad nine years ago, and Mother is slower and her health is failing, but now I am her “haven in the storm”. She lives with us. I promised my Dad, that I would take care of her, she is eighty four next month. I thank God, every single day, that we are allowed to spend time with her until Jesus comes for her.
I never in a million years ever saw me taking care of her, or that I would ever be able to pay her and my Dad back for all the wonderful years of memories they gave me, or for providing my “safe haven in the storm”. God is good.
Even with all the bad things going on in the world, America is still the best country in the world to live in. We need to save our beloved America from the COMMUNIST INVASION!! I will do whatever I can to try and stop it!! Mother told me that my Grandfather would be proud of me. My Linderman ancestors helped to form these United States of America beginning in 1740 in Germantown Township, Pennsylvania. My ancestors have fought in every war this country has been involved in.


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  1. Thanks so much for posting the graveyard information on Elijah Weaver. What a fantatic story1 I too, love history and genealogy. I haven’t dug into my genealogy for about 10 years or better now. I am a single mom and so busy with my daughter, everything takes up so much of my time. Maybe when she goes off to college it will be something I can get back into. I enjoyed it so much back then!


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