The only One that really matters is God, and as long as He approves of me I am content. It is nice to have human family and friends, but God is the only One that will be with you up until the end. Steer clear of negative, and hateful people, they will steal your joy.
Through the years I have tried to help others, and I thought that I could help change people for the better. I have learned the hard way, that you cannot do it for someone else. They must be motivated to change, and be willing to do the “footwork” to change. God will help you to change if you ask him to, but He is a “gentleman” and will never push himself upon you.
I like what St. Paul said, “I have learned in whatsoever state that I am in, therewith to be content.” I have had little and I have had much, but as long as I have had God in my life, then things have always gotten better and I have HOPE.
HOPE = Helping Other People Everyday. Helping others keeps me out of me, but there is a fine BALANCE that has to be kept. I must take care of myself first, then others. If I don’t take care of my needs, and spend all my time helping others, then they will suck me dry if I allow them too.
My mentor told me years ago, “Sally, in this world there are GIVERS and TAKERS, and you are a GIVER. If you allow them to, they will SUCK you dry, and then they will just move on to the next VICTIM.” Today, I love me enough to take care of me first.