Balance is one of my objectives daily

I am such a work-a-holic that if I am not working, then I feel guilty. I was raised to be the Caretaker, and it is hard to remind myself to take care of me. I have a heavy load on me right now, with a disabled husband and elderly mother to care for.
I had given up on our yard, because of the freeze early this year and a whole year of drought we have lost several trees and a lot of our flowers. I was pleased to find our Hibiscus coming back in our front flower bead, because my Dad planted them probably twenty years ago. We lost him in 2002. God uses this flower to remind me that there is “New Life, and not to give up.

Balance is one of my objectives daily. But like so many have said, with reality and the stresses of daily life, sometimes it is hard to accomplish. I use the acronym for Balance:
B = Be yourself
A = Act as if
L = Love yourself first, then others
A = Ask for help when needed
N = Never give up
C = Choices-make good choices
E = Enjoy today-because tomorrow is not promised