This pic is one of my favorite. It was taken somewhere in Germany. I do not own it. I think it has beautiful, strong, deep roots.
I thank God everyday to have been blessed with the wonderful family roots that I have. Mother comes from strong German, Norwegian, and Luxembourgian roots. My Father comes from strong, hard-working, Moravian roots. Some of my ancestors were Rebels and some were Yankees. Some of them were Democrats and some were Republican. They were all honest, hard-working, Americans who emigrated to America legally and worked for everything that they got. Taking hand-outs or welfare was unacceptable! America’s Free Enterprise system and Capitalism were the reason, that many emigrated to America.
America is the most wonderful country in the world to live in, even with her faults and corruption. God save America! God bless America.



  1. Beautiful pic and wonderful sentiments, Sally. Thank you, and wishing you a Happy, blessed, successful New Year!


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