A Good = GODLY Mother is Always With Her Children!

A Good = GODLY Mother is Always With Her Children
My Mother was laid to rest today. Up until the end, she was more worried about her children and how we would survive without her than she was with herself.
She left a strong legacy of love for all six of her children, and my step brother too. She lived her life, living, loving, and laughing. She loved people and they loved her. She and my Dad were my “rocks”, and were always there for me and my sisters and brothers when we needed them. My Dad left 10 years ago, and I still miss him everyday. My husband and I have a nice home, because of them. Without them we would have nothing.
My Mother’s Paternal ancestors go all the way back to the founding or our beloved country–the United States of America. Mother was a Republican and Patriot. She loved her God, Country, and her family. She made life-long friends. She was a good friend. She was a virtuous woman. She was a woman of her word. If she said that she was going to do something, then she always came through on her word. But…mostly she lived for her husband and her children. We were blessed to have her in our life’s for 84 years. RIP Mother.



  1. mothers are the best things in the world. arent they? my next post is going to be about my mom. thanks for the inspiration


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