Secret of Long Marriage

Marriage used to be “till death do we part”, then came the “throw-away society”. Use it, abuse it, and then dump it! People worshiped “things” instead of “people”.
Then came the “entitlement society” where everyone thought that they were the center of the universe, and the world revolved around them! They thought, “I deserve this.” “You owe me.” If you don’t make me happy, then I will divorce you!
The sad thing was that no one could make you happy! Happiness is an inside job! Stop expecting others to cater to you, and do what you want, this is the epitome of SELFISHNESS!
In essence, I believe that the secret to a long marriage is to have two healthy, whole, and unselfish people in the relationship. Two halves do not make a whole, it makes two half people, and makes for a lot of pain, agony, and torture.