Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World (Spoken Intro Version) 1970

I have loved Louis Armstrong for years. Me and Mother went to see him in person when I was 16 at the Music Hall in Houston, TX. That was one special memory, that I have carried with me for 42 years. I felt so special, Mother had six children, and could not afford to take us many places besides the beach or river to play. The tickets were $50.00 each, and we were up front, close and personal. That was a lot of money in 1970. We could not afford it, but it was a special treat for my birthday. That is one birthday, that I have never forgotten! Mother kept poking me and reminding me to breathe, because she saw how excited I was. Mother loved jazz, blues, classical, and country music. We laughed about it for years. I had never been that close to a famous musician before then.