My Father’s Day Tribute To All Godly Fathers

God bless all our Godly fathers.

In my lifetime, I was blessed to have two wonderful fathers. One Daddy and a Step Dad. I thank God everyday to have been born in America, and being exactly who I am, and where I am, and doing exactly what I am doing.

If everyone could have Godly fathers, the world would be a lot better place, but that is just not reality! Some poor children grow up with no father, a evil, hateful, and abusive fathers. Some grow up with islamic/muslim satanic cult followers for fathers, that teach them to berate, rape, beat, and kill women. The children if they grow up at all, grow up evil and full of hate just like their fathers did. So, the EVIL cycle perpetuates itself onto the next generation. A few children escape the EVIL world of their fathers, yet they are not unscathed, they bear the scars the rest of their life’s.

In China they will grab a woman from her home and force her to have an abortion if it is more than one child, and baby girls are aborted! Now, how Communistic and Cruel is that!! Not in America!

God continue to bless all the Godly fathers, and wake up the evil ones to the damage that they are doing to their wifes and children. May they find God and change their ways.

We must fight to not allow these Barbaric animals to come to America with their sick way of “thinking” and “living”, and to spread their DISEASE OF HATE!! God bless America! God save America!!