Spiritual, Strong, and Independent NOT Co-Dependent!!


I love the idea of teaching women that they do NOT have to have a man to be happy! That is not saying we don’t like men! That is a FALSE assumption.

You know what you do when you ASSUME? You make an Ass-ume out of you and me.

I am all for helping women tap into their power, and not giving all their power away to men to do as they please with you. I believe that women can be intelligent, strong, sexy, and independent. I think that it is horrible to allow women to think that cannot do anything without a man.

Please, it is NOT about hating men! I love men!  I don’t want women to allow abusive or using men to bring them down.

As you can tell, I feel VERY strongly about this issue. I used to be one of those Co-dependent women, that thought I HAD to have a man to be happy.  It got me into a lot of CRAZY, abusive, dependent relationships.

Today, I love me, my God loves me, and I do not allow men to abuse me anymore! At the age of 54, I went to college and got my BS degree with Honors in Information Security Systems. Women, please get an education #1, and don’t have a family until you can afford to support one. It was not fun trying to support a child on one income with no education.

[Democrats = Dependent]  They teach women to be submissive, and expect someone else to support them, either a man or the government=taxpayers money. The only problem with that, is that then they want to control you.

[Republicans = Responsible] They teach women to be Responsible, Reliable, Respectful, and Independent. 



  1. On this day of your life, we believe God wants you to know … that YOU are the gardner of your soul.

    Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of expecting someone else to leave you wilted flowers.


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