12 Steps to a Spiritual Awakening

My Spiritual Awakening came gradually, not all of a sudden. Through God’s grace and the 12 Steps, God gave me a nudge toward sobriety and serenity. I received serenity and sobriety as a gift, not as something that I deserved but something that I have been eternally grateful for. I was so miserable, that I was willing to go to any lengths to feel better.

I had to be willing to work for it though. And it has not been easy “living life on life’s terms”.
At first I was angry at God, for giving me such an awful life, and making me unable to have a baby.
Through my work on myself and gradually learning to believe that God was not mad at me, and He did not make these bad things happen to me, but that I was suffering the consequences of my own bad decisions.
I was able to learn that I was not a bad person trying to get good, but a sick person trying to get well.