Lem's Lemonade

I might’ve been a little too quick to judge about The Sorrows of a Young Werther in my last post.  My professor had some very insightful comments (as he should seeing as how he’s taught this book for a decade now).  He also had to explain some of the customs and trends of that time, which did add to Werther’s like-ability.

I just put this together in class today – I’ve read another, more famous piece of Goethe’s – Doctor Faustaus.  I really did enjoy this play.  It’s about a man, Dr. Faustaus obviously, who rejects several conventions and gives his reasons.  Eventually he makes a deal with the devil, and of course you can imagine how the play ends given the time.  It was a good play, funny.  It’s not too long.  If 18th century German plays are your thing, this is one you should read.

There’s a relatively…

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