I Remember Exactly Where I Was And What I Was Doing When The Devil’s Demons Attacked America!!

I was teaching an elementary class of Handicapped children at Northshore Elementary, in Houston, TX when 911 Terrorist Attack occurred in New York.

I was in shock to hear that something so horrible was happening in New York. One of the other teachers called me out into the hallway, and told me to keep the children in the room and lock the door. I asked her what was going on. She looked horrified, and she told me that there was a Terrorist Attack in New York and Washington. I thought OMG, how is that possible, that is horrible.

I knew that I had to stay calm so that the children would not panic. I continued their lessons, allowed them to draw and color, and play games. I tried to keep our minds off the tragedy unfolding.

On my lunch break, I went to the teacher’s lounge to eat and take a break. Of course, the teacher’s lounge had a TV and all the teacher’s were watching the horror unfolding before us.  It made me sick at my stomach and we cried. I cried for people that I had never met. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to help the victims. So, I knew that I had to continue to stay calm and reassure the children, that we were safe.

They were getting really scared, and when they came back from lunch they were asking a lot of questions. They were afraid that the “terrorists” would come to our school and hurt them, or hurt their parents. I assured them that the policemen would not allow anyone to hurt them, and that New York was a long way away. That seemed to calm them some.

Then the parents started picking up their children early. The whole city was in fear for their children.

My heart especially went out to one little boy whose parents took forever to come pick him up.  He was the very last child picked up out of my class. I don’t know if they could not leave work or what. But the longer we waited, the more anxious he became.  I assured him that I would stay with him until his parents came. He asked me what if they come to kill us? I told him not to worry, that the policemen would stop them, and besides I would protect him. No one was going to hurt my children! And that I would beat them up if they tried to hurt him. He acted pleased, and asked me, “Really? You would do that?” I told him, “Of course, I would!” He seemed to calm down after that, and he continued on with his play.  Of course, his mother finally came for him.

We the People MUST stop the Islamic/Muslime Devils from taking over America! They have invaded our country, and the intend to kill us all! We MUST save our country for all the little children and grandchildren. I would not want anyone to have to live in the “nightmare world” of the Islamic/Muslime children’s, or Communism!