PATIENCE: When God Answers “Slow”.

When the time is not right, God says, “Slow”.  Nowhere in the entire Bible can you find a Bible verse that says that God will anything you ask Him to do when you snap your fingers. God does not offer an instamatic prayeranswering service

God maintains control in the area of the why and when. If God answers no to your very sincere prayer, and you ask Him why, god will not answer or explain. God doesn’t answer your why questions because raising the question means you are not satisfied with the no.

You want to argue and God refuses to be drawn into an argument. He knows that any explanation He might give would not satisfy you. 
If God answered every prayer at the snap of your fingers He would become your servant~~not your master.  God would be working for you instead of you working for God.

God’s delays are not God’s denials. God’s timing is perfect. Patience is needed in prayer. Some people don’t suffer from doubt as much as from impatience. 

A man said to me, “I have lost faith in prayer.” After listening to him I said, “You have not really lost faith in prayer because you are still praying. You simply lost Patience.” 

Longtime members of our church know that we spell the word “faith”..P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.

“O rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him and He shall give thee thy heart’s desire. O rest in the Lord, wait patiently, wait patiently for Him.” 

source: Hours of Power, Robert H. Schuller, 2004

Those of you who know me, know that I have never had much patience. God has been working on me for years. In 1987, I learned how to accept God’s will through “pain, agony, and torture”, of my own making. I blamed God for all my problems, even though I had made the “bad” choices.

I graduated in September 2011 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Security. I had high hopes, and planned to get a good paying job so that I could take care of my husband and Mother. God said, “No”.

By God’s grace,  I was able to be home with my husband and mother. My husband has heart problems and diabetes and was in the hospital with the shingles. They almost killed him with the cure! Instead of one day in the hospital, it turned into five days, I was there every moment until he came home. If I had not been there they could have killed him with the cure. God knew that I could not have handled two deaths in one year. Mother was 84, and in the last stages of her kidney failure. She entered the hospital on my birthday, January 9, 2012. Me not working, I was able to give her constant care and companionship up until her death on March 9, 2012. By God’s grace, Mother left me and my husband her home and truck. God has been good to us, even through it all. Mother died peacefully in her sleep. I will be forever grateful for the six years that we had together, we became best friends.

Now, seven months since Mother’s passing, and we are really struggling financially. Sometimes I feel guilty because I do not have a paying job. But...I have to have “faith” that God is in “control”…and when it is time…the job will come.  For now, I am able to spend time taking care of my husband and enjoying our home, that my Mother and Dad had built. God has blessed us with a loving family and a comfortable home and reliable truck. But…even more than that He has given me a “legacy of love”.  I have begun working on my genealogy more, and finishing my books. I am blessed. Praise God.