I don’t have to give up me, to be loved by you.  I think we should celebrate being white or whatever race that we are. We should not allow others to play the race card with us. I am proud to be white, never wanted to be any other race. I am not ashamed of it, like some would like me to be. God made us all. We are each children of God. To deny what we are is Shaming and Wrong! God made me and I will be proud of how beautiful God made me. I wasted a lot of years trying to please others, and be something else than what I was, and I tried to fit in.

Years ago, God told me, “Why do you keep trying to fit in, when I made you to stand out?” One of the greatest blessings that recovery has given me, is to know that God loves me ‘JUST AS I AM’.

Wow, this little girl has a powerful message. Beautiful voice.