For some of you who read or happen upon this blog; you may have been more discouraged this Thanksgiving Day than ever before. What concerned you most has now taken place; Barack Hussein Obama managed to capture a 2nd term (illegally)  posing as legitimate US president.

For those of us who cherish our US Constitution as much as our guns and our Bibles, you may be almost to the point of despair.

However, friends: Take heart. Cherish those particular Scriptures which promise that those who live a lifestyle of lying and evil will ultimately be exposed. Take heart, because the God of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures does not lie. Obama (baring true repentance and demonstrable faith) will be as the grass today which is gone tomorrow. In the end, he will be held responsible and accountable before a holy God. He will receive his just reward. He will eternally perish with all…

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