Excellent blog post. I too escaped the “psycho” not “loon”. I have thought about writing my story for years. You dear have given me the motivation to begin my story of survival from my “psycho”. At the time, in 1998, I was depressed and divorced for the third time, and very vulnerable when I met my “psycho”. He was also good looking and very manipulative. I fell for his lies, and his charms. After six months of a whirlwind courtship, we married. I had high hopes and I wanted to believe everything that he told me. I had no idea of the “insanity” and “violence”, that I was getting into.

By God’s grace and the support of a loving family, I was able to finally get away from his “stalking” when I left him. I left him several times before I had had enough. I survived two years of “stalking”, hiding, and living in fear. I started carrying a gun beside my bed. It will take a long time to tell the whole story. I will leave it at that. By God’s grace, I am remarried now for seven years, and I have never been happier. We are the love’s of each other’s life’s. We are not perfect, but as I say we are perfect for each other. It is a God thing. I stayed single for six years and worked on me. Never, Never give up. Nothing is impossible with God.

Prego and the Loon


At first I was unable to tell my story of domestic violence because I was in SHOCK. I couldn’t believe what was going on around me. I was stuck in that moment of… Did that just happen to me? I was sure I was having a bad nightmare and I would awake at any moment. Then I was in DENIAL. I was in complete disbelief of everything going on around me. How could my husband, the so called man of my dreams abuse me? His angry fists of rage were life threatening and his words cut like a knife, but I was still HOPEFUL. Which is why I still did not speak up at this point. I mean imagine if I told my friends and family the horrible things I was experiencing at home, and then we patched everything up and lived happily ever after. Lastly I was AFRAID of…

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