Sacred Resources~~God Should Be Our Number One Resource in Times of Trouble

In times of trial and tribulation, we are taught to go to God for help. We say in our program that we have to get back to the basics. We go back to the first three steps, and remember our priorities. We must always remember our number one priority must be our sobriety and serenity. We are powerless over some things, and so we ask God to help us. Bad things happen to good people. God gave us Free will. We are in a Spiritual War! The good=God vs. the evil=Devil! We must be strong and with God’s help we can get through anything.  

God bless those poor victims in Connecticut who lost their loved ones. I can’t imagine anything worse, than losing your own child at all, let alone in such a horrific and horrible way. The Devil has been busy. The murderer was said to like Goth.  I believe that Goth is of the Devil. God help us all this world is becoming more evil by the day. 

“When times are the toughest and it seems as if you are as low as you can go and when Possibility Thinking hasn’t had the resources you expected, you are in danger of burnout. It’s precisely at these times you need God because when you remain in touch with God, you are immune to burnout.

You say, “But don’t you get terribly down at times?” 

Yes, but remember I said you can be immune to burnouts, not brownouts.

A brownout is a temporary power failure. It is not a permanent resignation, divorce, or bill of sale. You may feel down in a brownout, but you don’t abandon the ship as would in a burnout.

It’s important to know the difference. In a brownout the power will come back on. A burnout? That’s a toughie!  

To keep a brownout from becoming a burnout you must remain in touch with God~~and that’s what prayer is.

But remember, keeping in touch with God won’t eliminate your problems…it will only help you manage them. The late comedian Grady Nutt said it:  “God should be a resource in the struggle, not a way around it.” source: Robert H. Schuller, 1995

Don't Give Up

Sacred Resources

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