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Sally & Leonard Tudor, Jan. 27, 2006, Houston, TX

Today was the seventh anniversary of our first date. God does work miracles. I had almost given up all hope of finding a nice and sane man. The “pickings” were pretty “thin”!! The men were either sex addicts, alcoholic, married, or abusive. 

I had spent six years divorced from a “psychotic” stalker that I had been married to. I left town and stayed unlisted for six years to protect myself from him finding me. So, for me to go onto a dating site was a very brave thing to do.  I used to think only losers went onto dating sites. I decided what did I have to lose. I did not want to meet men in bars, and the ones in the church were too “perfect” for me. I prayed continually.

All I wanted for Christmas was a husband that was faithful, honest, loving, and kind. Of course, my…

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