Good post! I was the prodigal daughter. And…I can assure you that your prayer does help, and to never give up. Mother had to learn the difference between “helping” or “enabling” me. She had to “let go and let God”. She reminded me that she loved me no matter what~~but she could not “enable” me to continue my bad behavior without consequences. She knew that I had to “hit my bottom”, and want to change. She could not “fix” me. She loved me and turned me over to God. Good news is that after thirty five years of me being gone, I chose to ask God for help and He saved me. My suggestion is for you to let them know that you love them too much to continue to “enable” them. It is OK to still love them, because that is what love is, and God does with us.

             God bless you, Sally

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I find myself in a different kind of lonely. It’s called being a parent of a “Prodigal child”.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, the term prodigal comes from the parable that Jesus told about a son who went away from his family in rebellion and lived a life of squandor and eventually returned home completely humbled because he was having to return out of desperation and hope that he could return not as a son, but as a worker for his father.

So here I am watching my own adult children. They are in their own process. Some of these I wince at, I worry, I see where they are headed. It scares me, I worry, I imagine the worst.  My days of parenting as I knew them are over.  I now must totally entrust them to their own decisions(good and bad) and encourage…

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