I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I was just surfing the net and came across your blog. Good job! I, too am a survivor of a psychotic ex and stalker.

And…you are so right…you cannot have any contact with the monster WHATSOEVER!! At first, I tried to be nice and get out, but he would not allow it. He CONFUSED pity for love. I moved to a different city and stayed “anonymous” to hide out from the psycho! I had horrible nightmares for years. I found out it was probably PTSD.

Therapy helped. I recommend it to everyone. I have been saying for years that I was going to write a book about the stalker, because there are not many out there that tell the victim how to handle the stalker and abuser. It has been twelve years now, and I still bear the scars from the monster. I am happily married to the love of my life for seven years now. God answered my prayers after years of recovering and working on me. God bless you, Sally

Serenity Prayer

My journey of healing from psychological abuse

I believe that taking a break from blogging right now, is a good idea. I won’t be deleting my blog or anything of the sort. It’s time to start living again. I won’t be dating or toying with the idea for quite some time, but I have realized that I need to LIVE now. I’ve spent countless hours writing down every step that I’ve gone through..every phase that has hit me along the way. I have written these down for any other new survivor that finds themselves in the same place I was, in the beginning.

I’ve hashed and rehashed every possible thing about my Psychopathic X. While still in the relationship I understood that he was psychologically abusive, and decided to try to understand just what I was in. What type of man is he? Why was I so buried with anxiety and confusion? I spent many hours, days…

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