KNOW WHAT YOUR PEACE STEALERS ARE….“Seek, inquire for, and crave peace and pursue (go after) it.”-PSALM 34: 14

To enjoy a life of peace, you will need to examine your own life to learn what your “peace stealers” are. Satan uses some of the same things on everyone, but we also have things that are particular to each one of us. For example, one person may be deeply disturbed by having to do two things at one time, while another person may actually be challenged and energized by multitasking and doing several projects at once. —Joyce Meyer

TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE…Satan uses our weaknesses against us. In order to fight Satan taking our peace from us we need to know what our triggers are. Make a list of each time you get upset. Ask yourself what caused the problem, and write it down. Be honest with your self, or you will never break free. 

One of my triggers is being overly tired. When I am tired I have very little patience and I become angry and let’s just say my mouth starts to run. Satan knows me and he knows how to get control of me again. Another trigger is when people confront me about my cursing. My stubborn child wants to curse more. Kind of like the over-eater, the more you preach at them the guiltier they feel, and the cycle continues. I used to have a “truck driver’s mouth”, but I am working on it.  I know that I hate liars hence, people lying about me or to me really makes me angry. I hate users, that hurt and abuse others. 

I don’t like people who are cocky and judgmental of others. Also people who are lazy and expect others to take care of them. 

Everyone has “triggers” that Satan uses to move in to gain control of us. Know yours. The more you are aware of them, you can fight them. 

Seagulls in Flight