May flowers

Beautiful flowers! I love the purples. Thanks for sharing.

Christine M. Grote

I just looked at my last garden update for you about a month ago. The spring bulbs are no longer blooming, but amazingly enough the lenten roses are hanging in there. The irises are in full bloom and the knockout roses have started flowering. The columbine, one of my favorites, are blooming in the shade with the sweet woodruff and lilies of the valley. The bleeding hearts are long gone. The Siberian iris have also bloomed. And the peonies have just started.

I love May.

I took photos on three separate occasions beginning May 10th, but am just now getting around to posting them. I hope you enjoy my May flowers.

May 10th

May 17th

May 21

Believe it or not, we still have areas of Chameleon Ivy to contend with. Mark experimented with using landscape cloth covered with mulch. He thinks it is working. I think the ivy is…

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