The Age of Innocence


The picture is adorable. I was a really, sweet, loving, adorable, and kind little girl. I loved everyone, and believed that if everyone would just “be nice” to each other then life would be wonderful. But…that was not reality…and everyone was not nice. I was taught that we were all God’s children and we were loved. I thought that the “good guys” always won, and that you should be honest, kind, and loving to everyone. I loved to read, and I lived through my books. I always had a diary or journal. Writing always gave me a release and helped me to sort my feelings out. 
I loved playing house, dancing, singing, walking barefoot in the cool grass, and climbing trees. Every summer we had a pool in our backyard, and Daddy cooked a lot of barbecue.  He made the best chicken with his homemade barbecue sauce, and Mother made potato salad and beans to go with it. Of course, growing up in a German, Norwegian, and Moravian home we always had something good for dessert. 
I grew up in Jacinto City, Texas. We grew up in a day when you could play outside without fear of being attacked or kidnapped. We knew all our neighbors and each one of the houses had a lot of children. We did not have to lock our doors then, because we trusted our neighbors. We looked out for each other’s homes and children. Mother and Daddy had six of us children. 
We celebrated birthdays, and holidays with all our neighbors and family too. There was always good music, good food, and dancing when we celebrated. My Daddy taught me how to dance the polka. We loved Chubby Checker and dancing the Twist. 
We loved playing kick ball, baseball, and chase. We played “Hide and Seek”. We played card games, monopoly, dominoes, and yahtzee.
Mother was always home when we came home from school, and Daddy worked hard for a living. We ate a lot of bean and cornbread, macaroni, and spaghetti. Mother made the best bread. We did not have much materially, but we had lots of love. Good memories from back then.