We Need You More Than Ever

Don't Give Up


God of all comfort, dying souls need to feel Your love today. They have been attacked in their spirits, and beaten down by life. The drug addict, the abused, the prostitute, the  tycoon, souls struggling to survive on welfare and disability, and the starving children, men, and women throughout our world; they all need to be lifted out of their dungeon of hopelessness and despair. Our world needs You, Lord, more than ever. Those living in poverty of mind, body and spirit need a reason to go on. They need their political leaders, community and neighbours to reach out to them. Father, they need to have Your hope. Oh, how we all need to feel and know Your love even when we think that we do not!


Lord, hear the suffering, the lonely and dejected as they call out to You. They need to know You hear them. We…

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