Never put off until tomorrow telling the people you love that you love them, or forgive those who hurt you. You do not have tomorrow promised to you. Only God knows when our time on earth is up, and I hope that you do not wait until it is too late. By God’s grace, I was born into a loving, forgiving, Christian family, and our mother taught us that family is forever. I have made sure for the last twenty six years that I tell the people I love everyday, and spend as much time with them as possible, so I won’t have regrets when they are gone. My mother and daddy had a problem with the words I love you, but they always showed that they loved us. Daddy worked hard to support us, and Mother worked very hard raising and taking care of us six children. Those were good times when the American families were closer knit and did things together.

Nowadays, some families never talk or get together ever, or have resentments that keep them apart and missing out on being a family. I am so grateful for being born an American into a Christian family that instilled in us all the “work ethic” of “you don’t work then you don’t eat”. I realize that there are some people who have families that are sick or drinking or using and are unable to be there for them. Some people grew up with very abusive families, but God can and will heal all wounds. Some of the girls that I have sponsored (counseled) with have had very deep scars and grew up in abuse and insanity. But by the grace of God they are able to move on with their life’s and heal from that pain and learn to be happy. I receive blessings from God when I work with others and try to help them heal and grow out of the pain. 

One of the things that really bugs me the most is when ignorant people say things like, “Oh, just forget the past and get on with your life.” If it were that easy more people would do it. In order to heal they must face the pain and work through it, in order to get to the other side and be happy and be at peace. It is not that we are condoning the abuse but we are accepting it and choosing to grow past it and heal so that we can be happy.