While I’m Waiting –John Waller

Uploaded on Oct 28, 2008

When God is Silent – we are to still worship & serve HIM!

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I love this song. I heard it again today. I know all the words to the song. I find myself singing the song a lot. When I hear it I am reminded that I have to be patient and wait on God’s timeline not mine. I never was one who wanted to wait for anything.

Recovery has taught me to “turn my will and my life over to God”. God’s will is always better for me than my own. I spent many years trying to make “my will” happen, and sometimes I got what I wanted but then I found out that it what NOT was best for me.

I was terrified that God would want me to be a saint and be perfect. Through years of practicing recovery and applying the twelve steps program for living, I have received the twelve promises. I have had my “fear” turned into “faith”. God has never dropped me in twenty seven years, and never forsaken me. God is good.