Number one I am grateful to be born in the U.S.A. where we are free to worship whomever we wish and God will never leave us. We left Him! We all need to return to God and gratitude and do what we can to help save our beloved country from the demon-rats/communists/socialists/satanic cult of islam!!
God bless America! God save America!



Have you noticed the glaring absence of Thanksgiving? Our American culture skips every so quickly from Halloween to Christmas – or “Sparkle Season!” *eye roll*

Whatever happened to THANKSGIVING?

The logistics of gratitude, if we take the time to think about it, require us to recognize our own place in the scheme of things. We cannot be grateful is we feel we are deserving of ANYTHING.


The “entitlement” attitude so prevalent in America today completely contradicts GRATITUDE. We are either entitled to “a comfortable life” or not. If all Americans are entitled to “a comfortable life”, then what distinguishes Americans from others across the planet whose lives are anything but comfortable, by our standards? Yet, in the garbage dumps of the Philippines, or…

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