Overcome Evil With Good

“Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”  Romans 12:21

When I work with others it helps me to get out of myself and my own problems,  and it pushes me to think of how to help them, then in turn, God helps me and blesses me.

God provides all my needs, and some of my wants. Everyone knows someone who is less fortunate than them. Reach out where you are. the quote, “Bloom where you are planted” has a special meaning for me.

In other words, we cannot help everyone but we can help those that God has put in our path to help.

HELP = Helping Other Lonely People.

It breaks my heart that I cannot help everyone, but that is reality.

I visited a friend in the nursing home Friday, and of course she was so happy to see us and to be remembered especially during the holidays. I had several little gifts, but there were so many people there that looked lonely and sad, but just saying Merry Christmas doesn’t seem to be enough.

I am not financially able to visit very often. But…one little frail lady really tugged at my heart strings. I was going to my friend’s car to get the gifts, and I walked by her sitting in her wheelchair crying for someone to help her. I told her Merry Christmas, but I had nothing left to give. She stopped calling for help for a few minutes, and she said that she wished that she had someone to come see her. She reminded me of my mother in her last days, all she wanted was to be loved and given attention.

God it made me think of mother’s last six years at home with us, and it taught me to be grateful that my mother did not have to go through that. I had already made the New Year’s resolution with myself, that I was going to start visiting the nursing homes near me. I don’t have money for gas to go far, and my truck is old and not in that good of shape. But…God reminded me again, to “Bloom where I am planted”.


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