Our God is an Awesome God!

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Wow, 7,546,734 views!! Fantastic song. Heard it first on KSBJ, and I sing it a lot.
God has delivered me from my addictions since January 1, 1987.
I woke up this morning singing this song!
Tonight I am celebrating twenty seven years of sobriety and serenity, by the grace of a loving and forgiving God.
I did not do this alone, I had a lot of sober alcoholics and alanons who gave given freely of themselves through the years.
I have gone through death, divorce, unemployment, homelessness, stalking, abuse, and even a cancer scare back in 2000.
I lost my Dad in 2002, my Daddy in 2006, and Moma in 2012, and so now know I have to be the “grown up”.
I always wanted to be one of the big kids, and sit up at the big table with Moma and Daddy.
I just turned sixty this month. It feels so weird.
I am RESPONSIBLE by the grace of God and the twelve steps and therapy.
I learned years ago, that I had a choice, and that if I wanted to just stay sober I could, but for me I wanted it all!
Sobriety and Serenity takes action and doing the “footwork”. I did not want to just sit back and say ok make me well or fix me.
I did not get sobriety and serenity without working the steps.
Many an alcoholic has gotten drunk again by not working the steps and “growing up” and taking Responsibility for themselves.
Many have died drunks.
God gives us free will, so we have the freedom to choose how we want to live.
In our “instant” and “throw away” society people want the “easy way” out for everything.
If you want it all, and don’t want to just be a “dry drunk”, then you must do it all.
Choose life and sobriety.
“Nothing is impossible with God.”