Passing the Buck~~~Grow Up And Take Responsibility For Your Own Life!


Read Genesis 3: 1-13  Then the Lord God said…, “What is this you have done?” (v.13).

“What happened?” ,asked God.  “Did you eat from that tree that I wanted you to leave alone?”

“Yes, but it was that woman’s idea,” said Adam.

“It wasn’t really my fault,” said Eve. “The serpent tricked me.”

Adam blamed Eve. Eve blamed the serpent. It was the first game of pass the buck in human history.

Some of us may still be playing this game.

We fail to accept responsibility before God for our own feelings, thoughts, and behavior. 

We say it’s our bosses fault that we missed our child’s baseball game, when we scheduled the appointments. 

We may blame our spouse for failing to allow us to finish school, when we are the ones who gave up too soon.

Each one of us has a choice. We can choose to accept the things we can’t change and learn to act on the things we can change. We gain self-respect when we decide to stop blaming other for our dilemmas and start tacking responsibility for our own choices.

AUTHOR: Joan C. Webb, Women’s Devotional Bible

Harry S. Truman famously said of the presidency, “The buck stops here.” President Barack Obama might as well make his slogan: “Pass the Buck.”

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