Think…Think…Think…Then Do Something!

In my program, we have a slogan, “Think, Think, Think”.

In other words….Think Before You Act…Think it through. Think it through, and weigh your options and solutions, then act = do something. Inaction, is a decision to accept the status quo. 

Hey, that would be a good topic for today.

God expects us to pay the consequences for the bad decisions that we make. Our best decisions are when we ask God, and try to do God’s will not our own.

I love Sponge Bob and Patrick! They have good hearts and morals. Good thing for the children to watch. Since it is a comedy, we get to see a lot of consequences that they have had to pay because of their stupid decisions. In real life, it is not so funny!

When we make decisions based on “self” instead of God’s will we will pay our consequences for it maybe not immediately, but in God’s time we will pay eventually.