We Must NEVER Give Our Children Everything That They Want…

We must NEVER give our children everything that they want….because if we do then they do not learn that life is NOT fair…and we cannot always get our way…or what we want. Then they may think that if they want something, all they have to do is whine and pitch a fit and they will get whatever they want. That is how we ended up with a “Entitlement Generation”. 

  • Reality is…bad things happen to good people.
  • Reality is…the world does not revolve around you.
  • Reality is…if we constantly expect to get our way…we will constantly be disappointed.
  • Reality is…the world owes you nothing.
  • Reality is…your parents owe you nothing.
  • Reality is…life is NOT fair.
  • Reality is…if you do not learn that sometimes you will lose…sometimes you will win.
  • Reality is…it is NOT hard working taxpayers job to support you.
  • Reality is…you are responsible for your children NOT the government, ie taxpayers.
  • Reality is…if you don’t discipline your children…then society through the jails and prisons will.
  • Reality is…without teaching our children about God, Honesty, Morals and Manners…they will grow up to be spoiled brats…and a menace to society.