AA is NOT a Self Help Program!

If I could have fixed myself, then why would I need God/Jesus, or Alcoholics Anonymous?

In fact, that is why I don’t like people calling AA a “self help” program, it is NOT!

It is all about seeking God and learning how to get out of “self”.  

Our twelve step program is all about seeking God. It teaches us to number one seek a relationship with God, number two with ourselves, and then with others. 

The ABC’s of AA = Admit, Begin, and Continue. God works through people.

I just watched several friends celebrate multiple years of sobriety last night. One had 29 and the other 21 years sobriety and serenity.

God did that, and it did not happen overnight. Many an alcoholic has gone out and died trying to do it by themselves. This is a “We” program NOT a “Me” program. We MUST do the “footwork”, and there are five things that an alcoholic must do if they want to stay sober:

1. Put the plug in the jug

2. Go to meetings, and associate with sober alcoholics

3. Read the Big Book and Twelve Step Book

4. Get a sponsor

5. Work the twelve steps