Thy Will NOT Mine

“Lord, if it’s not Your will.

Let it slip through my grasp.

And give me the peace not to worry about it.” source: Unknown

I had a job interview today. 

I prayed for faith because I was afraid. I walked out in faith and made the appointment for the interview. 

I have prayed and prayed all week for God to grant me the faith and courage to do whatever I had to, in order to obtain the position, IF it were His will for me.

I have learned through years of “hard knocks” and “misery”, that God’s will was always better for me than mine. 

So, I prayed to God, even though I knew that He already knew what my needs were, for Him to let me get the job, if it were His will. And if were not His will that I would accept the fact that it was not the job for me. He knows my needs. I have been praying for my needs to be fulfilled, so that I would be able to support my family.

“Thy will not mine be done always, Lord.”

“God wants you to decide in advance, trusting him and believing that his will is the best plan for your life.” source: Rick Warren