Just For Today…Live In Today…One Day At A Time

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Most of my life, I never lived in today. I lived in my resentments from the past, or my fears for the future, and as a result I was miserable.  I have learned to do the best that I can with what God has given me, and to stop beating myself up for not being perfect and to not allow others to make me feel inferior for not knowing all the answers. I am not God and I am human, therefore prone to fail sometimes, but God loves me as I am. I do not have to be perfect. It has been hard for me to continue to “live in today”, but today is the only day that have to live. Instead of worrying about what will happen tomorrow I have to stay in what can I do today and what is my responsibility.  God is my “higher power” and all I have to do is to follow His will for me, and when I do my life is so much more serene and peaceful.