Leaving Your Own Footprint…Your Legacy


I want to remembered for the “good” that I did or tried to do. I want to continue the legacy of “sharing my experience, strength, and hope” to the still suffering. I want to honor those who came before me and carried the message to me for free. I can reach those who do not feel comfortable in church, like me. AA meetings brought me to God! I did not dress the way they thought that I should, I did not talk like they thought that I should, and I quit going to some churches that acted as if they were “high and mighty” or wanted me to be “perfect”. 

My sponsor told me years ago to never replace my program with church, and she is so right.  I have seen many get sober through the program, and then drift away to relapse, die, or get too “high and mighty” to help the new person still suffering and still seeking a way out. Also, they live in EGO = Easing God Out of their lives and tell people that they do not need AA or the meetings, the Steps, or a Sponsor like everyone else.

And…then they use the excuse that AA does not work for them, BULL! You either have found God or you have not!! If you found God, then you can do anything. There are no more excuses for why you cannot stay sober. Nothing is impossible with God.

If you want what we have, then you will do what we did. Go to meetings, get a sponsor, work the Steps, and “carry the message” of hope, through the steps = the solution, otherwise you will only “carry the disease”. 

My mentor told me years ago that his favorite quote was, “I Stand By The Door”. I love it too. It reminds me to not get too good or too perfect, as some church people try to do. I do not “play God” or preach at people, because I have learned that it only serves to push people away and does not help them. I cannot save everyone, but I can save someone, and keep me sober in the process. 

I had been getting out of my service work. I still sponsored ladies, but I needed more. I wanted to share some of what my sponsors have blessed me with. I DO have a lot to share with anyone who wants to listen. I am attending a Big Book Study @ 7pm on Tuesdays @ the Industrial Group on First Street, Galena Park, Texas. All are welcome. 

I am Me! God loves me just as I am.