How Much Faith Do We Need? Only As Small As A Mustard Seed.


I have been taught that “Faith without Works” is dead. If per say we want to find a job, we can have all the faith that we want but if we do not do the “footwork” then we will not find a job.

I have had people in church tell someone that they did not pray enough, and I say that is a wrong”. Who are they to judge anyone or to decide if that person has prayed enough? Only God can decide that. I cannot stand “holier than thou” Christians.

I have had people try to “take my inventory” and tell me what I am doing wrong in life, in other words “control freaks”, but I have been told to tell them to “get a piece of paper and a pen” and they take their inventory, and I will take mine. Only God can judge us.

And…you are right…we can live in fear of not doing good enough and beating our selves up trying to be perfect…I almost died trying to be perfect. We are human “beings” not human “doings”. We can only do the best that we can with what God has given us. God bless you.  

I hope that you stand strong and stop listening to the “naysayer” and “goodie two shoes” people who put you down or want to control you. I cannot be controlled anymore by “guilt trips” or manipulation, so I have serenity.