A Good Woman


A “good woman” to me is all things good and true. One who will teach her children  love, honesty, loyalty, and to love people not hate and try to rape, torture, and murder them.  She will honor her husband but she will not follow him if he chooses to turn to satan and demands her to do something that is against God. God is her master not her husband. She dresses appropriately and brings honor to her family not shame. Her husband in return loves her and would never ask her to do anything against God. 

A “good woman” to a muslim (who worships allah  = satan), is one who will sacrifice themselves and their children to rape, torture, and death. And one who will blow themselves and their children up when told to, and obeys her husband no matter what.  She is a curse to her family and teaches them to hate, lie, cheat, steal, and kill in the name of their allah. They dress to cover their bodies in shame and fear of being tortured or killed if they do not comply. They are taught that if they are beautiful and a man rapes her it is her fault. What a horrible way to live! That is not living! That is a slave and a concubine. They live among the “living dead”.

I would rather be dead than to live in a country that worships allah=satan!God bless America!! God bless our godly, and good women.