Let’s Celebrate! I Celebrated 29 Years of Recovery In Al-Anon Last Night!


Thanks so much for everyone helping me to celebrate my beginnings in Al-Anon. I celebrate my “New Beginnings” on this night. I have come a long way baby!

I thank God everyday that He led me to Al-Anon ( a free twelve step program) on a Friday, March 28, 1986. He knew what it would take for me to wake up and learn how to “Let go and let God” of my ex-husband who was in his active alcoholic lifestyle. He choose to continue in his disease and I chose not to continue in his disease with him. Thank God, I have a choice and I do not have to be miserable anymore. I choose recovery. 

I have no doubt whatsoever that without this program for living, I would not be married to the man that I am, be living where I am, nor be as happy as I am without it.

This program saved my sanity and taught me to have serenity even in the face of chaos and depression.  I am so grateful for all the special ladies that have helped me to stay sane and gave me hope for happiness and serenity.

I had family that had problems with alcoholism and they had found help and hope through the Twelve Step programs. So, I went to try and find a way to “fix” my husband. I did not have any idea what it was about. I believed that if I could “fix” my husband, then I could be happy. I did not think that I could be happy unless I “fixed” him.  

I found the hope and the help that I needed there. Even though things are not perfect in my life, and never will be, I have learned to be happy no matter what is going on in my life.

After three years of attending meetings and working the steps, I was finally able to accept the fact that I was trying to “play god” and I was trying to make him do as I wanted him to. So, I accepted the fact that I could not change him,  but also that I had a right to be happy too. I did not have to put up with his unacceptable behaviors unless I wanted to. I did divorce him, and I went on to work on myself.

I am happily married today, but without the program to teach me how to “live and let live”, I would not how to live “life on life’s terms” and to be happy. My happiness is not dependent on another person. 

I will never outgrow my need for the program and the fellowship, and my way of showing my gratitude for what I was freely given is to continue to give it back to the newcomers. 

“After having suffered alone with the effects of this brutal disease, the Al-Anon fellowship is an unexpectedly and nourishing source of compassion and support.” source: How Al-Anon works for Families and Friends of Alcoholics p. 11