Quit Playing God…It Did Not Work

Only one person showed up for the Big Book study last night. But…my program told me to stay and keep the doors open, in case someone came crawling in. One of our newcomers came in for the last thirty minutes. I was supposed to be there. I asked God to let me see what I needed to read for tonight, and so I just opened the book and started reading all my highlighted parts in it, and close to where we left off last week. I was not sure exactly where we left off.

God pointed me to the quote….”quit playing God….it did not work!” God was reminding me that He is God NOT me, and I had to “let go” and let Him be God.

I know that I am not the only Double Winner. If I could I would fix everyone and we could all live happily ever after, but that is “fantasy” not “reality”. We have to live in the real world. My serenity really suffers when I get in there and try to “direct the show”. I do my part, and leave the results up to God.