No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent


No one can make me ashamed of my race, just because they don’t like their race. Anyone can be a Racist. Some people want to convince me that there are NO races and we are all one race, WRONG! Guilt trips and shaming don’t work with me. I am proud to be a Southerner, a Texan, and an American, who just happens to be white. I am sick to death of the Terrorist BHO trying to make everything about race, and being a race -baiter like Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright!! The SOBs are getting rich off the backs of people who are suffering. They have done NOTHING to help people of their own races!! They are LEECHES!! 

EVERYONE should be proud of their race whatever it is.


BHO hates white people, therefore he hates half of himself, and is a Racist against white people. He has proven by his actions, that he hates Americans, whites, Christians, Conservatives, Capitalists, and our Military Heroes.
God made us WHATEVER we are and we are supposed to be proud of whatever race that we happen to be.

SCREWING UP THE U.S.A.I can’t stand BO because of his lack of Character and Evil deeds not because of his Color, which by the way is black and white.

I reiterate….NO ONE will make me feel guilty for being proud of being white! Anymore than someone should allow others to make them feel ashamed of their race. GOD loves us all!! “Red, and yellow, black, and white we are all precious in His sight!” 

UNION JACKI honor all my southern ancestors with our Dixie Flag! It is to remember our Southern Heritage. My ancestors were all hard working, honest, and loyal people who fought for their country. None of them were draft dodgers, liars, thieves, or murderers. 

I am 100% opposed to the KKK! They are a HATE group, and I do NOT hate anyone. They give our Southern Flag a bad name. I was not alive when there was slavery, but if I had been I would have been 100% against it. No one should be made a slave of anyone else. There were white people who were slaves also. Slavery is wrong no matter what race you are! Still today some black people in Africa and other third world hell holes have slavery. It is EVIL and of the DEVIL, just as the Islamics/Muslims have slaves still today. Slavery is of the DEVIL! Islam is a satanic cult of the Devil!  

To be a Racist, you must hate someone just because of their race, and that is wrong! 



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