Let Go And Let GOD Be God

“O our God, will You not exercise judgement upon them? For we have no might to stand against this great company that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.” ~~2 Chronicles 20:12

Here Jehoshaphat admits to God openly his total inability to deal with the problem. For years I tried very hard to change myself without success. I tried so hard and so long to break bad habits only to fail time and time again. I tried to alter different things in my life, to get prosperity, to make my ministry grow, and to be healed. I remember wanting to give up because I was so exhausted from trying to fight my own battles. I went through all that on a regular basis until I was being really kind of melodramatic about it, trying to impress God with how miserable I was. I said something like, “God, I’ve had it. This is it. I’m through. Nothing I’m doing is working. I give up. I’m not going to do this anymore. Just then, deep inside me, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Really?” There was real excitement in His voice. That happens because the only time He gets to work in us is when we become so exhausted that we finally decide,  “Instead of trying to do this myself, I’m going to let go and let God be God.” Trying to be God will wear you out fast. Why not give up your own effort and do what Jehoshaphat did in verse 12? Admit to God that you have no might to stand against your enemies and that you don’t know what to do, but you’re looking to Him for direction and deliverance. source: New Day, NEW YOU, Joyce Meyers, 2007

I always have had problems with setting, and keeping boundaries. As a child, I had only two choices: comply or get a beating. In school we had NO choices, it was their way or the highway.  I was NOT allowed to define my own boundaries or to be myself. I was NOT expected to defend myself, because in those days, the teachers and doctors were god and were never wrong. And…whatever they said was the law.

I believe my addictions began about the age of twelve. I used to escape a critical, confining, and controlling environment through my addictions. I did not believe there was a god, or else I was such a horrible child that I deserved to treated the way that I was, so I wanted no part of him or established religion.

In my recovery, I found God, because I had tried living my life my way, and I had hit bottom in order to be desperate enough to give into something that I thought was make-believe and not real. I was allowed choices. I could go on to the bitter end, or try this god-thing.

I was allowed to choose the “higher power” that I needed for me. I chose one that was not a hateful, abusive, critical, condemning, controlling God, but a loving and forgiving one. I had to stop “playing god”.  I am NOT God, so it is NOT my job but God’s job.

Through the years, I have learned to let go a lot sooner, and stop playing God. I asked for help, instead of suffering alone. I was taught that all I have to do is to do the best that I can, and leave the results up to God. We have to do the “footwork” or the next “right thing”.

I make a lot better decisions today and I have a lot more peace and serenity as a by product of “right living”.  No, I am not perfect because I am human. I am a Human Being, not a Human Doing. I almost died trying to be perfect, and still today I have “defects of character” that I am working with God on. 


“The wicked flee when no man pursues them, but the [uncompromisingly] righteous are bold as a lion.”~~Proberbs 28:1

Bold Enough to be Led by the Spirit

“If we intend to succeed at being ourselves, we must reach a point where we can be led by the Holy spirit. Only God, through His Spirit, will lead us to succeed and be all we can be. Other people usually won’t, the devil certainly won’t, and we are not able to do it ourselves without God. Being led by the Spirit does not mean that we do not make mistakes or that we are perfect. The Holy Spirit does not make mistakes but we do.

Following the Spirit’s leading is a process which can only be learned by doing. We start by stepping out into things we believe God is putting on our hearts, and we learn by wisdom and experience how to hear more clearly and definitely. 

I say that boldness is required to be led by the Spirit because: 1.) only boldness steps out, and 2.) only boldness can survive making mistakes. When insecure people make mistakes, they often will never try again. Bold people make many mistakes, but their attitude is, “I’m going to keep trying until I learn to do this right.” 

Those who suffer from condemnation usually don’t believe they can hear from God. Even if they think they may have heard from God and do step out, a minor failure is a major setback to them. I am prepared mentally and emotionally not to be defeated by mistakes and problems when they do come. 

Be bold. Be determined that you are going to be all God wants you to be. Don’t hide behind fears and insecurities any longer. If you have already made major blunders in your life and have been living under condemnation for a reason, and I encourage you to take this message personally, just as though God were talking directly to you through it. Be determined to press on toward victory.” ~~~Joyce Meyer

You Can Do What God Has Called You To Do!


“I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power.”~~PHILIPPIANS 4:13

“Recently I saw a sign on a church that said, “Trust in God, believe in yourself, and you can do anything.” That is not correct.

There was a time in my life when I would have seen that sign and said, “Amen!” But not anymore. You and I really cannot do anything we want to do. We cannot do anything or everything that everyone else is doing. But we can do everything God has called us to do. And we can be anything God says we can be

We must get balance in this area. We can go to motivational seminars and be told with a lot of emotional hype, “You can do anything. Think you can do it; believe you can do it; say you can do it–and you can do it!” That is true only to a degree. Carried too far, it get off into humanism. We need to speak about ourselves what the Word says about us. 

We can do what we are called to do, what we are gifted to do. There are ways we can learn to recognize the grace gifts that are on our lives. 

I have learned this regarding myself; when I start getting frustrated, I know it is a sign that either I have gotten off into my own works and am no longer receiving God’s grace, or I am trying to to do something for which there was no grace to begin with.” ~~New Day New You,  Joyce Meyer

I spent many years of my life trying to figure out what God wanted me to do or be. I became a people-pleaser and I tried to be what other people thought I should be. I worshiped my mother, so I tried to be what she wanted me to be. All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mother, and have a home like she did. I married an abusive man and found out that I could not have any children. I could not imagine what I was living for.

By God’s grace, we adopted a beautiful baby boy. I had it all, or so I thought, a home, husband, and a baby. I was still unfulfilled, depressed, and unhappy.

I never knew for sure that I was what God had planned for me to be. No matter what I did, I felt it was never enough. My ex-husband drank a lot and cheated on me and he was a workaholic. Neither of us were happy. I wanted a husband who was kind, loving, and faithful. A husband who came home at night and wanted to be with me, and wanted to build a home together. I never had the intimacy that I craved, even when my ex-husband was home, he was “emotionally unavailable” to me. 

In recovery, I began trying to learn what God’s will was for me. I began working with others and “carrying the message”.  So, I decided to become a Substance Abuse Counselor. 

I went to college and became a Counselor. After five years, working in the prison system, I became “burned out” besides being laid off in 1995. I was devastated.  I was unemployed and therefore, could not pay house notes, car notes, and had to move out and sell my home. My son chose to move in with his Dad. God, I felt like such a failure. It is a miracle that I am alive and that I survived, because back then I wanted to die! 

By God’s grace, I had family for a support system. Through my “program for living” I became closer to God and I learned to “accept life on life’s terms” and not my own. After years of working on me, I am now remarried and I have never been happier. I have a home, wonderful husband, and wonderful family who loves me just as I am. Life is still not perfect, because that is life.

My number one priorities are knowing and doing God’s will, staying away from alcohol, “carrying the message”, and doing God’s will not mine. God has taken away the “chaos” and replaced it with “serenity”.  I was not an overnight job. It took living “One day at a Time”. 


KNOW WHAT YOUR PEACE STEALERS ARE….“Seek, inquire for, and crave peace and pursue (go after) it.”-PSALM 34: 14

To enjoy a life of peace, you will need to examine your own life to learn what your “peace stealers” are. Satan uses some of the same things on everyone, but we also have things that are particular to each one of us. For example, one person may be deeply disturbed by having to do two things at one time, while another person may actually be challenged and energized by multitasking and doing several projects at once. —Joyce Meyer

TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE…Satan uses our weaknesses against us. In order to fight Satan taking our peace from us we need to know what our triggers are. Make a list of each time you get upset. Ask yourself what caused the problem, and write it down. Be honest with your self, or you will never break free. 

One of my triggers is being overly tired. When I am tired I have very little patience and I become angry and let’s just say my mouth starts to run. Satan knows me and he knows how to get control of me again. Another trigger is when people confront me about my cursing. My stubborn child wants to curse more. Kind of like the over-eater, the more you preach at them the guiltier they feel, and the cycle continues. I used to have a “truck driver’s mouth”, but I am working on it.  I know that I hate liars hence, people lying about me or to me really makes me angry. I hate users, that hurt and abuse others. 

I don’t like people who are cocky and judgmental of others. Also people who are lazy and expect others to take care of them. 

Everyone has “triggers” that Satan uses to move in to gain control of us. Know yours. The more you are aware of them, you can fight them. 

Seagulls in Flight